Happy 7 month

birthday to Drake Cater! What a fine looking dog you are! We love to keep up with all of our puppies!

​Sadie (formerly known as Abby) has certainly found her place with this wonderful family! The Campbell family is a perfect fit for this sweet girl! Now to learn to handle all those boys! 

​We're sure you'll do fine, Sadie! Have a happy life!!

And this is Miss Benet today...

​She's now known as "Khalessi" 

​and is a happy dog living in

​Beverly Hills!

(We think her friend in the pic

​might even be her body guard!)

You know how movie star

​types can be!

We're so happy that she's got

​such a wonderful family! ​​​

Our sweet little Belle is now known as Bella Rae Stokes.

She's found the perfect home and is already ​​the boss!

​We're so proud for her and her new family!


Poor Bonnie...

She's had a tiring day! ​Look at how comfortable she looks! What an awesome life she'll lead!

​Congratulations to Bonnie and family on a great pup!.

​​Miss Benet has arrived safely in Beverly Hills, CA and

​captured the hearts of her new people!

​We're so happy to see our puppies in such good homes and with such good, loving families!

​(You can tell how stressed she was from the flight!

Didn't bother her a bit!)

Milltown Kennels puppies know that

Life is Good, but it gets even BETTER

when ​they find their forever homes!​​​​

​We sure do love these smiles and happy puppies!

​It might be angry skies in the background, but it's all smiles for Morgane and Nathyn as they meet their new family member, "Gunnar".

​We're happy that Gunnar has found such a wonderful home!

​(And he loved the fox they brought for him!)

​Happy smiles all around...

Life is good!

Update on Fearless!

He's growing like crazy

and loves playing

with his new sister, 


​Way to go, Fearless!

Just look at Baxter and the new life he's living! We'd trade places with him!

​So proud that our puppies have such wonderful new families and have such great lives ahead!

Pacer Cassato Gannon, formerly "Josh" is 

​perfectly happy at home these days! 

​He's such a smart and happy pup! 

Formerly known as "Max",  

​Fearless Feldkamp is right at home in ​CA with his new family! 

​(And we think he rules the pool!) 

​He's got his very own boys to play with and he's a happy fella! 

​Thanks to the Feldkamp Family!​​

Jase is one happy puppy!

He's found the perfect

forever home with the Lees and is now "Bear".

He's a 'horse wrangler' now

and is having a ball!

We hear that he's a natural!

Have fun, Bear!

If you're a Milltown Kennels puppy, LIFE IS GOOD!

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