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​German Shorthaired Pointers

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German Wirehaired 











We love to keep up with our MTK puppies as they grow and as many know, have been asking for permission to post your photos. We'll be featuring a new dog in a few weeks! 

If you'd like to see your dog as an MTK Star, send photos and a few lines about their personality to 


and check back...

We'll have a new MTK Star soon!

Look at what a little nugget Koda was when she came to be Milton's little sister!

He's done a great job taking care of her since then!

Birthdays are a big thing around our house! And we're always in the kitchen looking for a treat!

MTK Presents ... 

Milton George & Koda Sioux

Living the Good Life!

Milton George & Koda Sioux

​Naptime is pretty important too! Gotta have a snuggle buddy!

King Milton George

(all he needs is a crown!)

​Milton, the "Fire Dog"

We could just keep on posting pics of these two! They are two of the "best dressed" dogs on FB and Instagram! And they are certainly some of the most popular and more importantly, the most loved!

Thanks for sharing "King" Milton George and Koda Sioux with us!

Keep posting...we love keeping up with them!

One last pic...Couldn't resist this one! 

Milton George was born on 2/12/18, and was matched up with the most perfect "pawrents" ever! And they lived in another Lakeland...Florida!

If this little guy only knew then what a wonderful life he was going to have! He had a great few months...

But something was missing. 

Then on 10/29/18, a beautiful little girl puppy was born at MTK. She was just the perfect little sister for Milton George! They named her Koda Sioux. 

This "Dynamic Duo" has some of the most awesome lives of any dogs we know.  They are so loved

(and just maybe a bit spoiled) and have the most fun lives of most dogs we know!! We love following them on Facebook and Instagram!

They get to go visit their Dad at his Fire Station

(and even sit on the truck!)

And when they aren't floating around in the pool

or playing at the dog park, Mom and Dad take them

to the beach! It IS Florida, after all! 

They LOVE the water!! 

These two love each other so much. 

They love to play with each other every day, and when they are all tired out, they snuggle up and nap. 

We're so happy that Milton and Koda have each other and such wonderful "pawrents" that love them so much and have given them such awesome lives!

​The many faces of Koda!