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Trigger and part of his new family playing in the park!

​Looks like this Florida puppy has it made!

​We're sure he'll be a happy pup forever!

What a lucky dog Buddy is to have found such a beautiful family!

He's going to live in South Florida!

Have a fun life,

​sweet Buddy!!

Update on "Hank" Benton...

He's celebrated his 1st Birthday with the family

and LOVES snow!!

All of our puppies are special, but some just tug on our heartstrings...Josie was one of those. She was the "runt" of the litter, and a tiny thing for a bit, but she's grown and is thriving! She's "Evie" now and is at home in Ohio with her wonderful family!

We're so proud of all of our puppies and love to follow their lives

after Milltown Kennels!

Marley is one of our California pups that is living it up and having a ​large time! She loves the ocean and loves her "people." There's nothing like the hug of a GSP!

Thanks for the pics, Leigh!

This morning, Peanut was a Florida puppy, and this afternoon, she's a California pup! Petey and Eddie are as happy as she is!

​Congratulations y'all!  ​​

​​​"This is the look of a very, very, very happy puppy with two of his new "peoples"....I'm trying to look dignified, when inside, I'm yelling YES!!!  I've got it made!!" ​Hank - New Member of the Benton Family

If you're a Milltown Kennels puppy, LIFE IS GOOD!

Remember little bitty 

"Princess Zena"? 

She's now Bleu Helmly...

​and look at how she's growing! 

​Aunt P took great care of her, and now she's being loved and taken care of (and still being spoiled) by the Helmly crew! 

​She's one happy pup!! 

​Way to go, Bleu!! 

Another Big 1-Year Birthday Party...

Marley Rose!  (Looks just like her Mom!)

Update:  Sweet Bleu is growing and "living the life" 

with her new family!

​Keep up the good work!

We love you, Bleu!

Milltown Kennels puppies know that

Life is Good, but it gets even BETTER

when ​they find their forever homes!​​​​

​We sure do love these smiles!